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Six Years Later upcoming album...

Mixing has started for the new Six Years Later album 'Electric Dreams'

Six Years Later new album "Chronicles" is now available

Chronicles check it out...
Mix engineer, recorded and produced all guitars

Ray appears on the new CD 'The Christmas Album' by Six Years Later

CD cover Six Years Later first Christmas album. Click on CD cover to listen on iTunes

Ray appears on the CD 'Late Bloomers' by Jonas Aras and Jim Lownes

CD cover 'Late Bloomers' is the first release by Jonas Aras and Jim Lownes, available on CD Baby.
Ray appears on six tracks.

Leaf Juice

CD cover Leaf Juice the follow up to the successful Nice View.

Fans of Scott Henderson, Oz Noy and Tribal Tech will really enjoy this title.
The secret recipe for Leaf Juice is to blend Henderson, Noy, Tribal Tech and Weather Report with a touch of McLaughlin.

Click the CD cover for more info.

  • All About Jazz interview. read interview...

  • "Guitarist Ray Ferretti stirs together the sonic experimentation of progressive rock and the rhythm-oriented structure of jazz so effortlessly well on his latest CD Leaf Juice it's almost like those two styles were parts of the same genre." read more...

  • "Ferretti is a jazz rock fusion musician through and through. That is to say - no matter what other styles he brings to the table, he�s usually fusing them with jazz-flavored harmony, and rock guitar tones or rhythms." read more...

Fat Samba by Richard Burton

CD Cover 'Fat Samba' is a collection of fourteen original pieces composed by Richard Burton, Ray Ferretti and Ron Thomas.

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  • "The opening title track lives up to its name, with a thunderous intro flurry by Ferracone, textural washes by Burton, and searing solos by Ferretti." read more...