Leaf Juice

Released: November 2010

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Leaf Juice’ the follow up to the successful ‘Nice View’.
This time around the instrumentation is scaled down to trio and quartet formats for more of a live sound.
Fans of Scott Henderson, Oz Noy and Tribal Tech will really enjoy this title. Guitarist asked for more guitar this time around and Ray Ferretti has delivered from the opening track till the end.
Ray Ferretti (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards); Ron Thomas (Electric Piano & Synth); Jonas Aras (Electric Piano); Kristi Lynn Kosh (Voice)

  • "Guitarist Ray Ferretti stirs together the sonic experimentation of progressive rock and the rhythm-oriented structure of jazz so effortlessly well on his latest CD Leaf Juice it's almost like those two styles were parts of the same genre." read more...

  • "Ferretti is a jazz rock fusion musician through and through. That is to say - no matter what other styles he brings to the table, he’s usually fusing them with jazz-flavored harmony, and rock guitar tones or rhythms." read more...
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Nice View

Released: November 2009

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2009 Debut album of instrumental compositions which draw from fusion, rock, jazz, funk and even a pop sounding guitar and flute ballad. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Ray Ferretti has brought elements from many styles of music into his compositions for a true fusion experience. Special guest Ron Thomas (Pat Martino, Eric Kloss) lends his wonderful electric and acoustic playing on several cuts. Ray Ferretti (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards & Drum loops); Ron Thomas (Piano, Electric Piano & Synths); Rich Burton (Keyboards); Jonas Aras (Piano); Devan Andre (Flute).

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Music Under the Influence

by Rich Burton

A fusion of jazz, folk, rock and classical music.
Released: 1998
  • Kristin Garson (electric violin)
  • Rich Burton (organ & bass)
  • Ron Thomas (organ & synth solo)
  • Ray Ferretti (guitar)

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