Ray Ferretti is a Mix and Mastering Engineer, and Multi-Instrumentalist born and raised in Philadelphia.

As a guitarist Ray has released two CD's of original music, 'Nice View' and 'Leaf Juice' on the Vectordisc label.
Ray has also appeared on numerous CD's as a player and mix and mastering engineer, check out his Discography page.

Ray started playing guitar in his early teens and was first drawn to music by the 70's rock bands. Moving on to rhythm and blues and funk he started to gravitate toward jazz via Joe Pass.

After hearing Wayne Shorter and Tribal Tech fusion bands Ray realized the style of music he wanted to play and compose. In the 90's while starting to explore jazz fusion composition one found its way on Kristin Garson's 1998 release 'Music Under the Influence' on the Vectordisc label. After an eight year hiatus from music and recovering from life changing circumstances in 2006 he started to play and compose music again. This new life seemed to bring out the creative juices that were lying dormant for years. Three years and sixteen tracks later 'Nice View' was released in November 2009 on the Vectordisc label.